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Trusted Local Supplier, Conservatories Dorchester: Q and A's

Q: What is the Trusted Local Suppliers service?
A: 'Trusted Local Suppliers, Conservatories Dorchester, is a completely FREE online service that provides you with no-obligation Conservatory quotes from vetted companies in the Dorchester area within 48hrs of you first contacting us. This gives you, the customer peace of mind and takes the worry out of finding a professional Conservatories supplier in Dorchester for your home improvement project. Our dedicated customer care team in Dorchester is available to guide you through the process to make sure everything runs to plan.

Q: Why use our service?
A: Trusted Local Suppliers, Conservatories Dorchester, provide a completely free and no obligation service, this will quickly help you locate professional Conservatory companies in Dorchester. Furthermore, all these companies know that they are competing against other professional Conservatory companies from the Dorchester area and this ensures that you will receive their best price for your Conservatories. Our free service allows you to make an informed decision that is based on quotations from experienced installers and tradesmen in the Dorchester and Surrounding Area. To make sure that everything runs smoothly, at the start of the project we will assign to you a member of our Dorchester 'Trusted Local Suppliers' customer care team to work with you, should you wish.

Q: Why not just pick a contractor from the phone book?
A: This method of finding a supplier can be a long and drawn out task. Even when you manage to find a suitable supplier, they may not be able to do the work in your timescale. Also, as you will not know anything about the supplier you may end up using a 'rogue' contractor with all the associated problems this entails. By using the 'Trusted Local Suppliers' Conservatories Dorchester service you can be sure that every trade professional that contacts you has not only been rated and vetted by us, but is also qualified to do the job and is available to do it when you want it done.

Q: How do you vet your suppliers?
A: We have a thorough selection process for any Company that wants to join the 'Trusted Local Suppliers' Dorchester Conservatories list. Initially, they provide us with a number of customer references that we will independently verify. Then, they need to agree to abide by our 'Supplier Performance Charter'. Only when they have met these requirements will they be included on our list of bona fide suppliers.

Q: What is Certass?
A: Certification and self-assessment (Certass), was one of the original Quality Mark certification bodies. Now Certass has developed its own self-assessment scheme for the industry. The Statutory Instrument for Certass was laid before Parliament on 15th March 2006, with approval coming into force on 6th April 2006. Unlike similar schemes, Certass carry out their own vetting procedures on all applicants.

Q: What is Fensa:
A: The Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme (Fensa) was set up by the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF). It was created in response to the Building Regulations for England and Wales. Now, all replacement glazing in homes falls within the scope of the Building Regulations, so anyone who installs replacement Conservatories or doors has to comply with thermal performance standards and ensure they get a certificate of compliance either from Fensa or the Local Authority building control.

Q: Where do you get references for your trade professionals?
A: By asking their previous customers. To become a registered as a 'Trusted Local supplier', a trade professional has to be verified by us. This involves us independently contacting previous customers. Once they are registered with us, we also check their performance by contacting new customers. Also, all of our suppliers are randomly checked to make sure they are adhering to the terms of our 'Supplier Performance Charter'.

Q: When will the suppliers I have selected contact me?
A: Your initial request will be acknowledged by someone from our Dorchester customer care team. After this happens you will be contacted by your selected Conservatory suppliers within 48hrs. Subsequently, our customer care team in Dorchester will contact you again to make sure the suppliers you requested have been in touch and have handled your enquiry in a courteous and efficient manner.

Q: How do I know I'm getting good value for money?
A: Because every Conservatory Company that is registered with us has made a commitment - to ensure that you get good quality work at a fair price. In addition, our suppliers know that they are competing with other Dorchester based companies for your business. This means that you will receive similar and competitive quotes from local suppliers who are all based in and around the Dorchester area.


The 'Trusted Local Suppliers, Conservatories Dorchester' Service

The Conservatories Dorchester 'Trusted Local Suppliers' Web site offers the most comprehensive online resource for consumers looking for Conservatories in Dorchester. With so many different types of Conservatories available and suppliers to install them it can be difficult to know where to start looking for reliable companies in Dorchester. But if you are considering hardwood Conservatories in Dorchester, UPVC Conservatories in Dorchester, or any other type of Conservatory that is available in Dorchester, then 'Trusted Local Suppliers' will help you decide which is best for your needs.

The Conservatories Dorchester part of the Trusted local suppliers website offers comprehensive and easy to use guide for Conservatories buyers. As well as answering all your questions regarding the different types of Conservatories that are available in Dorchester, it will also help you locate a Conservatory company in the Dorchester area.

This Web site provides advice on a long list of types of Conservatories that are now available in theDorchester area. Whether you want a double hung Conservatory, a beautiful new bay Conservatory or even a tilt-turn Conservatory, Trusted Local Suppliers can provide information on all types of Conservatories.

The Web site has 2 parts. Firstly, there is a guide to buying Conservatories in the Dorchester area and secondly, it contains a frequently asked questions section. This will answer all your questions about the types and purchase of Conservatories in Dorchester.

There are a large number of Conservatory companies now in Dorchester, so why should you use the Dorchester Conservatories 'Trusted Local Suppliers' Web site to find one? The answer is because we provide a free, no obligation service that quickly puts you in direct contact with reputable and professional Conservatory companies in the Dorchester area. These companies know they are competing against other professional Conservatory companies from Dorchesterthis means that you will get their best price. You can get your Conservatory quotes by clicking here.

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How Does it Work?

As soon as you make contact with 'Trusted Local Suppliers' Conservatories Dorchester will assign you a member of our customer care team. They will be tasked with ensuring that your home improvement project runs smoothly. They will make sure your initial enquiry receives a prompt and courteous response and keep in touch right through to the final completion of your conservatory project.

The 'Trusted Local Suppliers' Conservatories Dorchester service aims to remove the stress that is usually involved in choosing and installing Conservatories by letting you make an informed decision on your supplier by providing you with similar and competitive quotes from experienced and professional Conservatory companies in Dorchester.

All our registered tradesmen have to abide by our 'Supplier Performance Charter' and before we will even register them, they also have to supply us with customer references which we independently verify.

This completely free service will save you time and money by not having to search through long directory listings and adverts. It also will prevent you from using a 'rogue' supplier with all the associated problems this will entail. By using 'Trusted Local Suppliers' you will know that every conservatory supplier that contacts you has been first vetted by us, and furthermore is qualified and available to do the job when you want it done.

Our customer care team in Dorchester continuously monitors all our suppliers to ensure that the agreed standards are always being met. In addition, we obtain regular feedback from customers. This enables us to give each of our suppliers a star rating, so you can easily see what previous customers think of their service.

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UPVC Conservatory
UPVC Conservatory
UPVC Conservatory - Interior
UPVC Conservatory - Interior
Hardwood Conservatory
Hardwood Conservatory
Hardwood Conservatory - Interior
Hardwood Conservatory - Interior

What is a UPVC Conservatory

A uPVC conservatory may also be known as PVC, pvc-u, or a plastic conservatory.

The most used material in conservatory manufacture is uPVC or unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (ridged plastic), also referred to as vinyl in America. The general reason that uPVC is used today in 100,000 of applications including upvc conservatory manufacture, is because uPVC is a thermoplastic a substance that loses its shape when heated and then becomes ridged again as it cools. Heat shapes uPVC into countless useful forms, so is easy to produce uPVC conservatory extrusions, which forms the upvc conservatory on the right.

Where additional strength is required the uPVC is reinforced with aluminium or other metals e.g. an upvc conservatory roof, upvc conservatory frames or doors. In some non-structure areas the uPVC is strong enough to support its weight e.g. some window frames

What are Hardwood Timber Conservatories

An alternative to uPVC conservatories is Hardwood conservatories. Perhaps you live in a listed building or a conservation area where planning requires you to have a Hardwood conservatory or perhaps you would like something different, to match your life style. A prestigious Hardwood conservatory will certainly provide this and more. Designs wise, you can have any design of conservatory you wish remembering it’s best for the conservatory to complement your property.

Conservatories are often referred to as Victorian conservatories or Edwardian conservatories, well sorry to disappoint you but the Victorians never had conservatories resembling current designs. These are adopted names we use today that’s why today's conservatory are referred to as Victorian conservatories or Edwardian conservatories.

A Hardwood conservatory would have been built by the Victorians for the growing of seeds and plants brought back from the tropics. Today Hardwood conservatories are very high tech and are used as a room to live in 52 weeks of the year.

Whether you are looking for a Hardwood conservatory to create additional living space or wish to relax and enjoy the ever changing seasons of Mother Nature from the warmth and comfort from your Hardwood conservatory. We hope you will find a design you like.

Maybe you live in an architectural designed property and you would like a Hardwood conservatory to reflect this.

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Types of Conservatories:

Edwardian Conservatories
When looking for Edwardian conservatory suppliers in Dorchester, it is useful to know a little bit about the conservatory. Edwardian conservatories have a spacious feel, caused by their striking pointed roof. Their design is also very practical and elegant with sharp sleek lines. To get free, no obligation quotes from Edwardian conservatory suppliers in Dorchester click here.

Victorian Conservatories
When looking for Victorian conservatory suppliers in Dorchester, it is useful to know a little bit about the conservatory. Victorian conservatories can be adapted to meet different requirements. They traditionally have angled roofs with ornate cresting. To get free, no obligation quotes from Victorian conservatory suppliers in Dorchester click here.

Traditional or Lean-To
When looking for a Traditional/Lean-To conservatory suppliers in Dorchester, it is useful to know a little bit about the conservatory. Traditional or Lean-To Conservatories are the simplest of the conservatory designs, but still an attractive and elegant addition to your property, the traditional or lean-to design owes much to the styling of glass houses and sun rooms of the past. Ideal for a wider property, the traditional is a great choice for a multi use space. The roof slopes away from your property and will run along a straight line. To get free, no obligation quotes from Traditional or Lean-To conservatory suppliers in Dorchester click here.

P-Shape Conservatories
When looking for P-Shape conservatory suppliers in Dorchester, it is useful to know a little bit about the conservatory. P-Shape Conservatories are ideal if you have a large space available for your conservatory . The P-Shape conservatory is a classic blend of traditional and victorian styles . The P-Shape provides you with a choice of usage options and is great for multi use spaces and families. To get free, no obligation quotes from P-Shape conservatory suppliers in Dorchester click here.

Gull Wing Conservatories
When looking for Gull Wing conservatory suppliers in Dorchester, it is useful to know a little bit about the conservatory. The Gullwing Conservatory is an ideal choice if you are looking for the ornate lines of an Victorian conservatory over a wider area. The roof fans out from the wall plate which runs along the line of your property for strength and an attractive appearance. To get free, no obligation quotes from Gull Wing conservatory suppliers in Dorchester click here.

Garden Conservatories

When looking for Garden conservatory suppliers in Dorchester, it is useful to know a little bit about the conservatory. Garden conservatories are modern and stylish enabling them to be very flexible and they can cope with single, double or even sliding patio doors. They have no limitations in terms of style and shape. To get free, no obligation quotes from Garden conservatory suppliers in Dorchester click here.

Combination Conservatories
When looking for combination conservatory suppliers in Dorchester, it is useful know a little bit about the conservatory. Combination conservatories offer extended flexibility and the design allows for any shape, and size of conservatory. They combine elements of the garden room and Victorian conservatories. To get free, no obligation quotes from combination conservatory suppliers in Dorchester click here.

Edwardian Conservatory
Edwardian Conservatory
Victorian Conservatory
Victorian Conservatory
Lean-To Conservatory
Lean-To Conservatory
P-Shape Conservatory
P-Shape Conservatory
Gull Wing Conservatory
Gull Wing Conservatory
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Conservatory Build Guide
Step 1 -
The conservatory site is prepared, the foundations dug, drainage installed and concrete poured in to create the foundations.
Step 2 -
If required, a dwarf cavity wall is built.
Step 3 -
The conservatory floor slab is prepared and insulation is added to the cavity wall and floor slab.
Step 4 -
Once the inner and outer leaves of the cavity walls are completed (to match existing brickwork as far as possible), PVCu cills and frames are fitted to the top of the dwarf wall. At this stage your conservatory will really be starting to take shape.
Step 5 -
The conservatory roof is then installed -aluminium glazing bars are fitted to the roof prior to installing your chosen glazing material. This may be glass or polycarbonate.
Step 6 -
The roof ridge is fitted and internal cladding is added to create a neat internal finish
Step 7 -
Glass sealed units are fitted into the side frames to complete the structure. Your Conservatory is now complete and you can have fun choosing furniture and plants to create a versatile new living space.

Planning Permission and Building Regulations:

Everything you need to know about Planning Permission and Building Regulations for your Conservatory

What is the difference between Planning Permission and Building Regulations?

Planning Permission and Building Regulations are often confused. Both are the responsibility of the Local Authority and basically, Planning Permission takes into consideration the aesthetic effect of a new building/extension on the surrounding homes and neighbourhood, whilst Building Regulations define how the structure must be constructed in terms of thermal efficiency etc.

Do I need Planning Permission?

Here is a summary of the basic facts. In most cases you will not require planning permission for your conservatory under the present legislation, unless you are adding a conservatory to a house that has already been extended. You may also need to check if your house is a ‘new build’ as developers sometimes place restrictions on them.

Listed below are some conditions that may attract planning permission:

  • If you build within 2m of the boundary line and the highest point at the junction is 4m or more high.
  • If your conservatory covers more than 50% of the original garden.
  • If your planning development rights have been removed
  • Grade II listed buildings. These may require a hardwood conservatory.
  • Where a conservatory is 20m or less from a road or public footpath

Will my conservatory need to satisfy Building Regulations?

Listed below are some of the exemptions requirements, these criteria must be met for a conservatory to be classified as exempt:

  • The conservatory roof must be made of at least 75% transparent or translucent material.
  • The conservatory walls must be at least 50% wall glazing
  • The conservatory floor area should not exceed 30 square metres.
  • The conservatory must be constructed at ground level
  • The conservatory must be separated from the property by means of a physical barrier/exterior lockable door.
  • The conservatory has thermostatically controlled heating.
  • The conservatory is not being attached to a listed building.
  • The glazing satisfied the Building Regulations Part N.Shed I (eg: toughness/safety glass)
  • The conservatory must not have any sanitary ware or drainage attached i.e. must not be used as a bathroom, toilet or shower room
  • The conservatory must not be used as a kitchen with a sink or cooker etc
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