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Trusted Local Suppliers Double Glazing Huntingdonshire Q and A's

Q: What is the Trusted Local Suppliers service?
A: 'Trusted Local Suppliers, Double Glazing Huntingdonshire, is a completely FREE online service that provides you with no-obligation Double Glazing quotes from vetted companies in the Huntingdonshire area within 48hrs of you first contacting us. This gives you, the customer peace of mind and takes the worry out of finding a professional Double Glazing supplier in Huntingdonshire for your home improvement project. Our dedicated customer care team in Huntingdonshire is available to guide you through the process to make sure everything runs to plan.

Q: Why use our service?
A: Trusted Local Suppliers, Double Glazing Huntingdonshire, provide a completely free and no obligation service, this will quickly help you locate professional Double Glazing companies in Huntingdonshire. Furthermore, all these companies know that they are competing against other professional Double Glazing companies from the Huntingdonshire area and this ensures that you will receive their best price for your Double Glazing. Our free service allows you to make an informed decision that is based on quotations from experienced installers and tradesmen in the Huntingdonshire and Surrounding Area. To make sure that everything runs smoothly, at the start of the project we will assign to you a member of our Huntingdonshire 'Trusted Local Suppliers' customer care team to work with you, should you wish.

Q: Why not just pick a contractor from the phone book?
A: This method of finding a supplier can be a long and drawn out task. Even when you manage to find a suitable supplier, they may not be able to do the work in your timescale. Also, as you will not know anything about the supplier you may end up using a 'rogue' contractor with all the associated problems this entails. By using the 'Trusted Local Suppliers' Double Glazing Huntingdonshire service you can be sure that every trade professional that contacts you has not only been rated and vetted by us, but is also qualified to do the job and is available to do it when you want it done.

Q: How do you vet your suppliers?
A: We have a thorough selection process for any Company that wants to join the 'Trusted Local Suppliers' Huntingdonshire Double Glazing list. Initially, they provide us with a number of customer references that we will independently verify. Then, they need to agree to abide by our 'Supplier Performance Charter'. Only when they have met these requirements will they be included on our list of bona fide suppliers.

Q: What is Certass?
A: Certification and self-assessment (Certass), was one of the original Quality Mark certification bodies. Now Certass has developed its own self-assessment scheme for the industry. The Statutory Instrument for Certass was laid before Parliament on 15th March 2006, with approval coming into force on 6th April 2006. Unlike similar schemes, Certass carry out their own vetting procedures on all applicants.

Q: What is Fensa:
A: The Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme (Fensa) was set up by the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF). It was created in response to the Building Regulations for England and Wales. Now, all replacement glazing in homes falls within the scope of the Building Regulations, so anyone who installs replacement Double Glazing or doors has to comply with thermal performance standards and ensure they get a certificate of compliance either from Fensa or the Local Authority building control.

Q: Where do you get references for your trade professionals?
A: By asking their previous customers. To become a registered as a 'Trusted Local supplier', a trade professional has to be verified by us. This involves us independently contacting previous customers. Once they are registered with us, we also check their performance by contacting new customers. Also, all of our suppliers are randomly checked to make sure they are adhering to the terms of our 'Supplier Performance Charter'.

Q: When will the suppliers I have selected contact me?
A: Your initial request will be acknowledged by someone from our Huntingdonshire customer care team. After this happens you will be contacted by your selected Double Glazing suppliers within 48hrs. Subsequently, our customer care team in Huntingdonshire will contact you again to make sure the suppliers you requested have been in touch and have handled your enquiry in a courteous and efficient manner.

Q: How do I know I'm getting good value for money?
A: Because every Double Glazing Company that is registered with us has made a commitment - to ensure that you get good quality work at a fair price. In addition, our suppliers know that they are competing with other Huntingdonshire based companies for your business. This means that you will receive similar and competitive quotes from local suppliers who are all based in and around the Huntingdonshire area.


The 'Trusted Local Suppliers, Double Glazing Huntingdonshire' Service

The Double Glazing Huntingdonshire 'Trusted Local Suppliers' Web site offers the most comprehensive online resource for consumers looking for Double Glazing in Huntingdonshire. With so many different types of Double Glazing available and suppliers to install them it can be difficult to know where to start looking for reliable companies in Huntingdonshire. But if you are considering hardwood Double Glazing in Huntingdonshire, UPVC Double Glazing in Huntingdonshire, or any other type of Double Glazing that is available in Huntingdonshire, then 'Trusted Local Suppliers' will help you decide which is best for your needs.

The Double Glazing Huntingdonshire part of the Trusted local suppliers website offers comprehensive and easy to use guide for Double Glazing buyers. As well as answering all your questions regarding the different types of Double Glazing that are available in Huntingdonshire, it will also help you locate a Double Glazing company in the Huntingdonshire area.

This Web site provides advice on a long list of types of Double Glazing that are now available in theHuntingdonshire area. Whether you want a double hung Double Glazing, a beautiful new bay Double Glazing or even a tilt-turn Double Glazing, Trusted Local Suppliers can provide information on all types of Double Glazing.

The Web site has 2 parts. Firstly, there is a guide to buying Double Glazing in the Huntingdonshire area and secondly, it contains a frequently asked questions section. This will answer all your questions about the types and purchase of Double Glazing in Huntingdonshire.

There are a large number of Double Glazing companies now in Huntingdonshire, so why should you use the Huntingdonshire Double Glazing 'Trusted Local Suppliers' Web site to find one? The answer is because we provide a free, no obligation service that quickly puts you in direct contact with reputable and professional Double Glazing companies in the Huntingdonshire area. These companies know they are competing against other professional Double Glazing companies from Huntingdonshirethis means that you will get their best price. You can get your Double Glazing quotes by clicking here.

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How Does it Work?

As soon as you make contact with 'Trusted Local Suppliers' Double Glazing Huntingdonshire will assign you a member of our customer care team. They will be tasked with ensuring that your home improvement project runs smoothly. They will make sure your initial enquiry receives a prompt and courteous response and keep in touch right through to the final completion of your conservatory project.

The 'Trusted Local Suppliers' Double Glazing Huntingdonshire service aims to remove the stress that is usually involved in choosing and installing Double Glazing by letting you make an informed decision on your supplier by providing you with similar and competitive quotes from experienced and professional Double Glazing companies in Huntingdonshire.

All our registered tradesmen have to abide by our 'Supplier Performance Charter' and before we will even register them, they also have to supply us with customer references which we independently verify.

This completely free service will save you time and money by not having to search through long directory listings and adverts. It also will prevent you from using a 'rogue' supplier with all the associated problems this will entail. By using 'Trusted Local Suppliers' you will know that every conservatory supplier that contacts you has been first vetted by us, and furthermore is qualified and available to do the job when you want it done.

Our customer care team in Huntingdonshire continuously monitors all our suppliers to ensure that the agreed standards are always being met. In addition, we obtain regular feedback from customers. This enables us to give each of our suppliers a star rating, so you can easily see what previous customers think of their service.

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Casement Window
Casement Windows
Tilt-Turn Window
Tilt-Turn Windows
Georgian Bars
Vertical Slider with Georgian Bars
Bay Window
Bay Windows

Different Double Glazing Window Styles:

When choosing what type of Double Glazing you want through 'Trusted local suppliers' you may want to look at the styles of Double Glazing readily available within the industry today.

Is hinged on one side and swings out when you turn a crank. As the Double Glazing opens fully, it is easy to clean and offers very good ventilation.

Tilt & Turn:
Tilt and turn Double Glazing can be opened partially for ventilation by tilting inwards from the bottom edge, or open fully from the side to allow for easy cleaning

Vertical Sliders:
Choosing the Vertical Slider will give you all the benefits of a modern Double Glazing with all the charm and character of a traditional vertical sliding Double Glazing. Excellent thermal properties and weathering performance will conserve heat and save on heating costs. Combine these benefits with the charm and character of a traditional vertical slider and you have the best of both worlds

Mock Sash Tilt & Turn Double Glazing:
The Mock Sash recreates the look of a traditional sliding sash but with all the benefits of a modern PVCu system.

Georgian Bars:
The fully featured bars will recreate the fantastic look of a traditional style Double Glazing. The bars provide a seamless option for many period style properties.

The Bay Double Glazing:
A bay Double Glazing design consists of a single central sash and two side sashes. These Double Glazing are particular popular due to offering light, drama and views to another room within the house.

Energy Efficient Double Glazed Windows
The Energy Saving Trust recommend the installation of quality double glazed Double Glazing as one of the top ways of saving energy, pointing out that double glazing can reduce heat loss through Double Glazing by as much as 50%. According to the Energy Saving Trust, this can reduce your heating bill by nearly £100 per year, and can also reduce your CO2 emissions by around 740 kg per year.

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Double Glazed Window Frames:

When choosing your Double Glazing through the Huntingdonshire branch of Trusted Local Suppliers it is essential you choose the correct frames for your needs. Trusted local suppliers have therefore compiled a list of existing frames so that you can pick the right frames for your home.

UPVC Double Glazing Frames

UPVC Double Glazing Frames are highly insulated, which need little or no maintenance. UPVC Frames are well tested and of all Double Glazing Material is least expensive. Generally you will see UPVC Frames in white, but they can be found in Mahogany and Oak colours. UPVC Frames are by far the most popular frames in today’s market.

Aluminium Double Glazing Frames

It is widely known that Aluminium is a poor insulator.. Aluminium framed Double Glazing need to have a thermal break plastic insert which reduces the amount of heat transmitted to the outside of the house from the inside. This reduces the risk of condensation appearing throughout the house on Double Glazing, walls and ceilings.

Hard Wood Double Glazing Frames

Hardwood Double Glazing are today chosen over normal wood Double Glazing due to the durability.

Hardwood Double Glazing are strong and the hardwood used gives the Double Glazing a polished and a texture and feel not present on other Double Glazing. Hardwood Double Glazing are available in a variety of styles including traditional, modern and classical double glazed Double Glazing.

UPVC Window Frame
UPVC Double Glazing Frame
Aluminium Window Frame
Aluminium Double Glazing Frame
Hard Wood Timber Window Frame
Hard Wood Timber Double Glazing Frame
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Pilkington K Glass

Types of Glass:

Pilkington K GlassT
This type of Double Glazing glass is the leading solution in insulation in home & public building Double Glazing windows, Pilkington K Glass is a low emissivity coated Double Glazing glass which is easily stocked, processed and installed by Double Glazing window installers throughout the industry. Pilkington K Glass has been in production for more than 15 years making it the trusted solution for meeting energy efficiency Building Regulations essential for when new windows or conservatories are added to a household.

The glass usually forms the inner pane of an insulating glass unit without a Double Glazing window. The coating is produced in order to reflect heat back into the room whilst also the heats from the sun known as passive solar gain enter the house. The glass helps Double Glazing windows to achieve high Window Energy Ratings to demonstrate compliance in connection with Building Regulations Part L.


  • The Energy trust sees this as a cost efficient energy saving method keeping heat inside the house and allowing heat to enter the house through the Double Glazing windows.
  • Originally designed with conservatories in mind. Keeps the conservatories without heaters comfortable for increased parts of the year over normal double glazing.
  • Helps to achieve high Double Glazing Window Energy Ratings.
  • Also has the ability to have laminate added in order to increase security. It is estimated that 1/3 of burglars enter a house through the windows.

How it Works
The glass in your Double Glazing windows consumes heat then radiates it again on the colder, outside, surface. The Pilkington glass has a so-called low emissivity coating which increases insulation.

The low emissivity coating is a poor radiator of heat. So the heat absorbed by the coated glass does not travel to the outside of the house. Instead the coating reflects the heat back into the room, keeping the heat inside as opposed to going outside.

Double Glazing Windows incorporating Pilkington Glass allow heat from the sun and keep heat inside, making it easier and more cost effective to keeping your home warm.

Energy Efficient Glass
Double Glazing Energy Efficient glass is known for keeping the heat inside the house saving the energy used by the household. As an estimation the amount of heat loss from a home in houses with single glazing is around 20%. Energy Efficient double glazing is therefore known for cutting heat loss as well as pollution and reducing problems with condensation.

Double glazing works by trapping air between the two pains. If finances dictate, the rooms which lose the most energy should be considered for energy saving windows first.

Installing double glazing can cut your heating bills by around £90 a year as well as 620 kg of CO2 - that's 3 buses full of CO2 each year. If everyone in the UK that could install double glazing, it would save £660 million a year and 4.5 million tones of CO2.

Warm a Glass
Warm-a-GlassT construction uses Pilkington K low emissivity glass is coated to reduce the energy leaving the household. The unique design and the material is designed specifically for this reason, allowing the home to retain more warmth thus saving on energy bills.


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